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325 AED

GNK401 REAL GOLD NECKLACE,with a different sdesign and latest fashion

On hamsa online jewwelery you have choices of the variety of real gold jewelery 18 k with different design,we bring GNK401 REAL GOLD NECKLACE with chain length 40 cm made in Italy.this nice gold necklace you can get on hamsa online jewery. URL: hop/gnk401-real-gold-necklace/

445 AED

GST097 REAL GOLD PASSIVE SET,in real gold jeweley we bring this beauti

Variety of gold jewelery in sets only you can get on hamsa.we present real gold passive set made in Italy with length of pendant 2.1 m you can get just the price of 445 aed.this for the women who want to look cute,just get this hamsa online. URL: hop/gst097-real-gold-passive-set/


Dubai jewellery shops online,hamsa present sterling silver charm penda

We are leading all the field of jewelery with all excepted design that women more like,hamsa present sterling silver charm pendant with gold flower woman.this beautiful pendant have the beauty to make you more cute,just can get hamsa online jewelery.s url: hop/sterling-silver-charm-pendant-with-flower-woman/

490 AED

Jewelry for women in dubai,we bring for you this time this beautiful r

hamsa jewelery all the time present something different and beautiful for the women,this time we present real gold cube set with 45 cm length of chain.its precious gold set with good work make you precious.

198 AED

Gold jewellery online dubai,real gold smart looking earrings we presen

Want all the time different and look smar,then just com to hamsa and buy this cute smart looking earings on gold jewelery online dubai.we give you different and make you smart with our nice and beautiful jewelery.Want all the time different and look smar,then just com to hamsa and buy this cute smart looking earings on gold jewelery online...

295 AED

Jewelry for women in dubai,hamsa present this beautiful real gold find

Hamsa take care of your beauty and your beauty things,we bring for you this beautiful real gold findi necklace with nice look 18k made in Italy.this make you more cute and beautiful,this cute necklace you can get online jewelery for women in dubai.

300 AED

Fashion jewellery online dubai,beauty of fashion jewelery only you can

Hamsa introduce this beautiful lady pendant in real gold,this make you look different and gorgeous in your lovely community.this real gold 18k lady pendant is a different good work in gold can get it fashion jewelery online dubai.

195 AED

Jewelry for women in dubai,hamsa bring for you this real gold elegant

: Jewelry for women in dubai bring this beautiful real gold elegant cross earrings.its beautiful itself caz of this nice gold workin 18k not plated made in Italy pure gold.when you find beauty you got beauty only on

1,425 AED

Hamsa fashion jewelery present this beautiful real gold shapely bracel

Hamsa fashion jewelery present this beautiful real gold shapely bracelet.its different design and good work in our gold jewelery one of the best art work also.we give you beauty and make you gargious.get this beautiful bracelet on hamsa fashion jewelery online.

575 AED

Dubai gold bracelet designs,hamsa gold present for you this pretty rea

Lightly and beautiful pretty bracelet you can use casually forever make you stylish.this real gold pretty bracelet made in Italy impressed your personality in between all the other people.only can get hamsa online jewelery.